Summary 2017: Changes by the efforts of the community

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Summary 2017: Changes by the efforts of the community

At present, LPSD has been working with four main communities, including the Son La hydropower resettlement community; community which is affected by pesticide pollution caused by Nicotex Thanh Thai company (Cam Van, Cam Tam, Yen Lam Commune, Thanh Hoa Province); community which is concerned about land and budget management in Tho Xuan, Thanh Hoa Province; community which is affected by Hai Phong Thermal Power Plant 1 & 2. Looking back to 2017, LPSD has seen changes coming from the community and from other stakeholders as follows:

-         The case of resettled people in Cu Pe village, Muong Bon commune, Mai Son district, Son La province:

Citizens have received the attention of the Government and state agencies, include direction by the Government Office and Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development (DCRD).

See more:;

After a long time without arable land, and having food shortages, now, people have land to grow sugarcane and rice, and also is temporarily comfortable to product, no longer worry about the Lunar New Year of 2018;

The People's Committee of Mai Son district has cooperated and shared information and organized a labor reconciliation meeting between the people and the Son La Rubber Company.

The Economic Police of Mai Son shares information; keeps track of the area, and is always interested in the people;

Some press agencies such as the Vietnam News Agency residing in Son La, Viet Nam National Defence television channel came to interview people and put information on the radio.

-         The case of Nicotex Thanh Thai Company burying expired pesticide in the ground in Cam Thuy and Yen Lam district, Thanh Hoa province: Local people are completely active and confident in their work with local state agencies. By the end of 2017, people were invited by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Thanh Hoa province to work and this agency decided to request Nicotex Thanh Thai Company to excavate sites suspected of burying pesticide and other drugs.

See more (Source: Lao Dong Newspaper):

-         Land and Budget Management in Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province: In the past, people have submitted petitions and request letter to state agencies many times, but they often have been returned for the same reason such as: unclear; wrong subjects and agencies; no time for the agency to respond...After being instructed by LPSD in writing letters and sending letters in accordance with the law, people have been able to carry out themselves and have received feedback from the Office of the Party Committee of Thanh Hoa province, Party Committee of Tho Xuan district, People's Committee of Tho Xuan district, Inspector of Tho Xuan district

-         Impact of Hai Phong 1 & 2 Thermal Power Plant on the lives of the people: Some households in Phuc Le, Pha Le and Minh Duc communes sent a letter to the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) in Hanoi to reflect the environmental pollution in the local which is affecting their lives.

Thus, changes in 2017 are due to the active participation of state regulators and stakeholders, and in particular the contribution of individuals in communities. It is the initiative of the community to ensure that their rights and legitimate interests is the cause to promote state agencies to pay attention and have full responsibility to the people. These small or large changes are great encouragement for LPSD as well as individuals in each community and this helps LPSD to be more confident in the work we are doing, believing that the law is well implemented in practice.

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