Summary 2017: The objectives of LPSD

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Summary 2017: The objectives of LPSD

The four objectives of LPSD are defined as follows:

Communities understand their rights: Some cases in fact affect not only an individual but also a whole community. Whenever a problem occurs, if the community does not understand their problem, does not know what their rights are and how it is implemented; then, when the matter has been occurred for a long time, people will be pressed and do not trust the state agencies and national law so they are easily attracted to affect the security and the order of society. An unstable society is that nobody wants. Thus, raising awareness of the people about legal knowledge, especially understanding the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and collectives is important to ensure a stable society. Therefore, not only through field trips and community meetings taken place in Hanoi, LPSD also guides people and provides knowledge through accompanying people to meet stakeholders such as: state agencies, companies, journalists...

Communities implement, protect their rights and legitimate interests through legal tools: Current law regulates that people have direct and indirect rights. Direct rights include: direct feedback (self-sent letters of reflection, petitions, comments through voter meetings...; or through the Community Supervision Board..). Indirect rights include: the people contribute their ideas through the National Assembly deputies, People's Council deputies, through the Fatherland Front and its members. These rights are considered by the LPSD as legal tools that people can use to participate in the process of protecting public interest, collective interest and personal interest.

Strengthening lawfulness: When people understand their rights and legitimate interests and know how to exercise those rights, the law and policy is no longer just on paper but actually into the life of the people. Entities will find it difficult to take advantage of the poor knowledge of the law to carry out activities that affect the community. At this point, the common interest is promoted, the strictness of the law is protected. People will be more responsible for their own actions and for their community.

Strengthening current institution: Many critics say that some state agencies are established in the local using the state budget but are ineffective and that the establishment of these agencies is formal. People do not know that they are contributing to the ineffectiveness of these agencies. Every single citizen should think: the elected officials need to be responsible for the work, with their current position. The local people are the supervisors of the activities of the agencies. If the staff is not positive, local people should contribute their ideas and motivate staff of these agencies to work. When people understand their rights, know how to implement that rights through legal tools, to ensure the strictness of the law, the state agencies, especially the grassroots agencies -will do well responsible for their duties. (the specificity of these principles will be discussed in the following articles).

For these objectives, the LPSD has common activities that direct people to actively explore the rights permitted by law as well as how to use these rights in accordance with the law. Activeness here includes: actively taking care of local issues, actively building community solidarity groups, actively participating in and monitoring the activities of state agencies and investment enterprises in the area, actively seeking for professional consultants... Activeness is always promoted, a prerequisite in activities related to the community. Therefore, some activities such as 7-step model building, community meeting program... that are implemented by LPSD has been promoting the initiative. These programs are expected to be expanded and improved in order to be better and more in line with the policies and law of the Party and the State.

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