Sharing legal knowledge for the community affected by industrial projects

Đăng lúc: 13/01/2017 10:52

On 10 January 2017, The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD) had a meeting with representatives of affected community from Yen Bai, Son La, Hai Phong and Thanh Hoa provinces in Hanoi.

In the meeting, LPSD shared legal knowledge in order to ensure the legitimate rights of citizens. Furthermore, LPSd also created connections between the communities so that they could learn from experiences of others and cooperate with each other.

 Participating in the meeting were Mr. Dang Dinh Bach - Director of The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center; affected communities from Yen Bai, Son La, Hai Phong and Thanh Hoa provinces; other partners of LPSD and press agencies.

During the meeting, Mr. Dang Dinh Bach – Director of Center shared: “This meeting is good progress in sharing legal knowledge with the communities. This is intended to raise the activeness of the people to look for supports when their legitimate rights are violated”.

 In the meeting, LPSD and the communities focused mainly on 4 issues as flowing: 

 In Hai Phong, the operation of Hai Phong Coal-fired power plants 1&2 in Tam Hung commune, Thuy Nguyen district had caused serious air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution in the around area. As reflected from the people, the noise caused Hai Phong Coal-fired power plant generated constantly, sometimes buzzed, sometimes hissed like a jet. It was heard clearlier in the night. The smole from the coal-fired power plant had a very bad smell causing irritation, sleepiness and other eye problems.

In Son La province, the people in Cu Pe resettlement village, Mai Son district, were in a state of stagnation due to lack of land for production and joblessness. Allocated lands were all contributed to Son La Rubber Company before they even had their land right use certifications (“red book”).

 In Thanh Hoa province, Nicotex Thanh Thai joint stock company had buried thousands tons of pesticide under their own area located in Cam Van commune, Cam Thuy district for more than 10 years.  This action caused many devastating consequences for more than 20,000 people residing around the area of the company.

The LPSD’s January community meeting also had the participant of the family of Vu Van Duoc, whose wife was Mrs. Pham Thi Hien. Mrs. Hien passed away while giving birth to her baby in Yen Bai Provincial Hospital of Maternity and Children. The family was still angry because they believed that the doctors and nurses did not fulfill their responsibility to the patient during emergency case; there were even the signs of delaying in the time of treatment and referral between hospitals.   

 Beside updating the news on sent petitions and dispatches, LPSD continued to share legal knowledge with the community so that everyone would understand better legal tools to protect their legitimate rights such as:  the public investment supervision board, the labor conciliation, the duties and responsibilities of government agencies.






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