Starting project “Building national database of biodiversity”

Đăng lúc: 15/06/2010 16:34

Building national database of biodiversity is not only one of important issue for researching activities and biodiversity conservation but also one activity under Law on biodiversity 2008, which should be carried out. This activity also will assist to implement the international treaties in biodiversity sector like CBD, CITES, RAMSAR, Cartagena protocol...

Therefore, the Biodiversity Conservation Agency, Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA), proposed the project "Developing national database of biodiversity" and received the support of JICA. On 15th June 2010, the Vietnam Environment Administration organized meeting to kick - off the project with the participation of Mr. Nguyen The Dong -Vice director of VEA, BCA and representative of related agencies.

The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development research Center was invited to participate the meeting with presentation of "how to build the database and information, monitoring of biodiversity in aspect of law" to assist the participants to overall answer about the activities of project under laws.

The presentation is available at the section "research and exchange" of this website:

The other related information can be found at:ởiđộngdựán"Xâydựngcơsởdữliệuvềđasinhhọcquốcgia".aspx

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