The nescessary of public interest lawyers to State Admistration in Vietnam (Part 1)

Đăng lúc: 09/01/2019 15:20


          The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD) has over 11 years of experiences in applying and developing a model of public interest lawyers in Vietnam. Because it is a new concept, this article only mentions about public interest lawyers, aim to deliver an issue of concern and discussion among the topic of State Administration and Anti-Corruption.

          The definition of Public interest lawyers appeared in the recent decade, which is new to researchers and people practicing law not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Depending on conditions, situations and economic development levels of each country and regions, this definition makes different contributions to the development process of society.

        In the world, depending on the open of political system of each country, public interest lawyers can be the licensed lawyers or the non-licensed lawyers. However, licensed public interest lawyers are arranged with private lawyers and business lawyers, which contributes to the different understanding and agreement among countries and regions.

        The subjects which are protected by public interest lawyers are the common concerns of the community to human value and nature value in order to assure the sustainable development, including the public interests such as gender problems, health, poverty, environment, land, climate change… These problems are not only on the national scale but also on the regional and international scale.

       Because of the specifics of protected subjects, the clients of public interest lawyers are community groups in certain geographical areas, Government, non-government organizations and social activists.

        Public interest lawyer is different from legal aid activity and ProBono because they work full- time and have activities to establish the legal relationship and assure the agreement of action between clients and lawyer (for example competence development activity, community model building…). Moreover, the way to use legal tools of public interest lawyer always dignifies the interaction among legal terms and the implementation in order to strengthen the administrative effectiveness and social regulation of State. In the correlation among institutions in national, regional and international levels, public interest lawyers have a close relationship with each other to learn and flexible use compulsory regulations as well as optional regulations.

        In the world, till this day, some public interest lawyer networks have been established such as Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, Public Interest Lawyers Network, Mekong Legal Network, South East Asia Public Interest Lawyers,…

 * Public interest lawyers are people who practice law in the levels of the nation, region, international and use their full-time and dedication to protecting human and nature towards the sustainable development values of humanity. 


                                                                                    LL.M. Bach Dang Dinh

                                                  Director of The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center


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