The story of 2 thousand Vietnam Dong or 12 km mountainous road

Đăng lúc: 10/12/2018 10:38


       Certainly, every one of us will decide to spend 2 thousand VND instead of spending a few hours to walk in 12 km mountainous road.

       He told his story with the obviousness and gladness when he ready decides to cross the mountainous road with the distance of 12km in 3 hours to go to school instead of spending 2000 VND for boat sailing through the river in 10 minutes without any tiredness.

        The reason for his decision is that if he spent this amount of money to go boat, he couldn't have an opportunity to go to school. He spends this amount of money to pay school fee monthly. In the present, educational universality makes you think it is normal when people go to the secondary school but in his condition, he tries his best to finish the learning program of 9 grade. You imagine that every weekend you have to cross the mountainous road to go home, then at the beginning of the week, you go to class with a limited amount of rice. On Friday, you have to go to the forest to find yam plants to eat. Living in his condition makes you feel his brave and strong.



        The meaning of his story is the learning loving and his readiness to overcome difficulty to do what he loves. Moreover, he hopes that after learning, he can help people in his community who face many difficulties in their life. 

        The meaning that I want to share with everybody, especially young people is the experience which I learned from him. If you live in difficult condition, you need to try and attempt. If you live in better condition, you need to care about and help people in your community. 


                                                                                        Thao Pham, Yen Tran

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