The Capacity Building Programs

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From 2013 until now, LPSD has implemented many capacity building programs for affected communities in Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong and Son La. In addition, LPSD also implements Internship and Fellowship Programs each quarter with the aim of creating opportunities for young people to learn, work and contribute to community development.

 Community development

LPSD hopes that communities can understand and know how to protect their rights and interests. In order to do that, we share with communities knowledge and legal tools such as the community surveillance board, ways of collecting and preserving evidence when their right is violated, the ways of working and conducting dialogues with the authorities as well as knowledge of health protection when living in a polluted environment.

We have organized field trips to affected communities to meet and share knowledge and skills with them.

Develop resources

In LPSD, we respect and appreciate the presence of youth. We believe that they have the ability to change the world and create good value. Therefore, LPSD always creates opportunities for senior students or fresh graduates through internship and fellowship programs. Each program lasts from 3 to 9 months with the participation of 10-15 interns or fellows. We create conditions for student in many different faculties such as environment, law, communications and external relations. This is because we believe that a problem can only be resolved when it is approached from different aspects and perspectives.

Participating in these programs, the interns and fellows will directly interact with affected communities, work with them and propose directions for action. We encourage them to suggest new ideas and support the implementation of these ideas. We also created an Alumni Network of LPSD for former interns and former fellows to exchange information, opportunities and help each other to improve after the program.


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