New factors affecting the environment and people’s health in Hai Phong community

Đăng lúc: 21/12/2016 11:36

Until now, people in the Tam Hung Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City are still living in a polluted environment due to the operation of the Hai Phong Thermal Power Plant. It is also the major cause of adverse effects on the health of people in surrounding areas. 

On 15th December 2016, the Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Centre (LPSD) organized a community meeting for affected people. The participants of the community meeting shared their experience of living in polluted environment. After sharing information with Mr. Lai Van Lich, Mr. Lai Van Thuan and Mr. Lai Ho Luan, the representatives of Hai Phong Community, LPSD has attained new perspectives regarding the current environmental situation in the area. According to Mr. Lai Van Lich who is from Tam Hung Commune, there is not only Hai Phong Thermal Power Plant which adversely affects the environment and people’s health but also Nam Trieu shipyard. Nam Trieu Shipbuilding Company is a limited liability company established following the reorganization of Nam Trieu Shipbuilding Industry Company (under Decision No. 1062/QD dated 18/4/2007 of the CNT-TCCBLD Chairman of the Board members of Vinashin), which is completely owned by Vinashin.



The main activities of the company include repairing waterway vehicles of up to 53,000 tons; installing and maintaining parts, and mechanical equipment serving the cruise industry, water works, and industrial and consumer products; providing outsourcing services for various materials, such as corrugated iron, and stainless steel. Besides, the company conducts activities in the field of non-destructive test (NDT) and inspection destruction (DT). They have professional staff are regularly trained to improve their qualifications and skills, and their equipment meets the requirements of the domestic and international certification organizations. Also, the company transports across both domestic and international routes, sea freight agents, customs brokerage services, and supply vessels.

As part of the manufacturing operation, the company has in place processes for cleaning metal and using plating chemicals. However, the chemical waste is discharged straight into the environment through the water line serving the residents.

According to the residents, the water that flows through the residential areas has an unpleasant smell. It is black and the watery biota is ruined. “In more than ten years of the company’s operation, there has been an increasing number of cancer patients. There has also been an increase in gastric and nasopharynx diseases”, Mr. Lich shared. Mr. Luan also said that in recent times, a medical group from Hai Phong Medical University has conducted medical examinations on a significant portion of the residents. He wants to be provided with the medical results of the residents. In addition, he hopes that the government will coordinate with stakeholders soon to carry out tests in the polluted areas in question, so as to restore a clean living environment for local residents.


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