Sad Stories from People Suffered from Illegally Burying Pesticides

Đăng lúc: 22/12/2016 14:35

On 15th December 2016, the Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Centre (LPSD) held its monthly community meeting. The participants of the meeting were members of the Thanh Hoa Community who have been affected by Nicotex Thanh Thai JSC.’s activity of illegally burying pesticides. Besides the familiar faces, the new participants of the meeting included people from Muong ethnic minority in Yen Lam Commune, Yen Dinh District, Thanh Hoa province. They all shared stories of their pains from losing family members and relatives due to the effects of buried pesticides.


Mrs. Quach Thi Sen has a brother who passed away last year due to liver cancer. She suffers from stomachache herself. She has difficulties eating her meals and after each meal she usually feels unwell. Hospitals are the second most common location she can be found in, apart from her house. For farmers who have to toil for the whole year, this is a huge burden for them and their families. More critically, Mrs. Sen’s brother suffers from a medical condition which is difficult to cure. As she recounted this, tears welled up her eyes over the fact that she is unable to share her brother’s pain, given the fact that she herself is unwell. Lunar New year, which is the time for family to gather, no longer has the same meaning. In the past, even though they were poor, there was always warmth and sharing between members of her family.



The mother of Mrs. Truong Thi Hue is struggling day by day as she remains paralyzed in her bed and suffers some other symptoms including headaches and abdominal pain. Taking care of the elderly is not easy, especially when her mother cannot walk on her own. She was diagnosed with more than 10 years of paralysis, heart failure, renal failure, and severely traumatized organs. With such a condition, the family has to spend more than 2 million VND per month on medication. In addition to her mother’s frequent visits to the hospital, Mrs. Hue’s daughter also suffers from abdominal pain, bloating, and stomach diseases. The fact that her family members are constantly afflicted with illnesses has caused a significant financial burden on Mrs. Hue.


Ms. Truong Thi Ha, Mrs. Truong Thi Hue’s older sister, is the most serious case. There are four members in her family: her husband, herself, and their two children. Ms, Truong Thi Ha suffers from heart disease while her husband suffers from bronchitis. However, the worst pain they have had to endure is the death of their daughter due to uterine and lymphoma cancer three years ago at the age of 18. Ms. Hue does not have much to say about the time spent caring for her daughter when she was ill, as it was her sister who took care of her daughter most of the time due to the distance. It cost them around 300 to 400 million VND to pay for their daughter’s medical fees. As this is a significant sum of money that they cannot afford, they had to borrow the money from their relatives and the bank. The outcome of their daughter’s medical predicament is thus unfortunate.

With regards to the changes in their daily lives after Nicotex JSC. was shut down, they all agree that there have been positive improvements, such as the disappearance of foul smell caused by the company’s activities. However, even after Nicotex JSC has been banned from continuing their commercial activities, the implications of their actions have been significant. There has been the disappearance of natural food sources, such as crabs and snails, compared to that of many years ago. The people in the community meeting all hope that the authorities will listen their voices and take steps to ameliorate the situation, so that the environmental condition will be improved for the future generations.

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