Households of Son La Province holding a meeting after receiving the reply of Son La rubber joint stock company

Đăng lúc: 10/12/2018 13:51

        After receiving the reply of Son La rubber joint stock company, the representatives of 67 households of Cu Pe village, Un village, Muong Bon Commune, Mai Son District hold a meeting to consider and show the contents in reply documentation which are not in accordance with the fact.

        Moving from their old house, people were supported by State with 1ha to cultivate for their living, now they have contributed land to plant rubber trees basing on the local propaganda. For 10 years, planting rubber trees doesn't bring any economics effectiveness, making people life difficult. Therefore, base on Company, it facilitated the farmers to plant food crop such as corn, bean, peanut and coffee bean. However, in fact, people said that Company sprayed herbicide into their plants. Many households planting sugarcane, corn, cassava, which helps them to earn well were forced to cut down their plants. The company didn't allow farmers to plant the coffee tree. Whenever the farmers planted, Company would cut down their trees.

        For a long time from 2008 to 2017, rubber trees didn't give latex or gave it too little. Farmers didn't have land to cultivate as well as jobs for earning. In 10 years, 11 households sent many letters to local authorities, central government and Company but their problems haven't been solved. In this situation, the company concluded without any evidence that farmers were induced to file letters of complaint.



        Although land contribution was made from 2008, now farmers haven't received any capital contribution contracts with Company. The rights of shareholders such as receiving dividends, purchasing stocks were not made clear. For this problem, Company replied that:" Some problems arising in preparation time hadn't been solved. For instance, in the beginning, because the yield had been low, farmers hadn't received any income. Moreover, the subsidy of Company for farmers hadn't guided by Law." The reply of Company was ambiguous, showing the irresponsibility of Company.

       In addition, in the reply letter, Company said that their average revenue had been approximately 300 million VND and it more and more had developed. At the same time, the legal rights of farmers who contributed land- the company's shareholders were not concerned. In the meeting, 67 households said that they didn't induce by anybody for not tapping rubber trees. They did it because their right was not ensured.

        For replying the problem that farmers contributed land forcibly, Company sent a letter to Son La Chief Inspector. The letter showed that: " The land contribution of farmers had been voluntary. After farmers agreed to contribute, local authority measured land and gave them support money, then it devolved contributed land to the company". In fact, people of the company measured cultivated land while farmers didn't have any information about that.



        There are many problems in the reply letter of Son La rubber joint stock company. 67 households expect that their problems will be solved to make their living more stable.

                                                                                                                                     Tue An, Thao Pham 

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