Farewell is the beginning of new journeys

Đăng lúc: 20/10/2017 11:11

Farewell is the beginning of new journeys

          Maybe every journey, every trip or only simply the duration of work everywhere always brings us experiences or unforgettable memories. When it came to the farewell party with third-time interns in 2017, one saying of my teacher popped up in my mind : “Every story has an ending, but in life every ending is just the beginning of the new chapter”.

          17th October in 2017 was a final day in which third-time interns in 2017 worked in this office. People held a small farewell party and awarded interns with internship certificates. The farewell party had the participation of forth-time interns who were new members of LPSD few days ago, but the atmosphere was still cozy like being at home. Especailly, on that day there was an appearance and attending of one of LPSD’s trusted partners, who was also one close friend of LPSD’s director. The special friend was extremely friendly and sociable,and interns enthusiastically shared stories and chatted with each other, which made an open space among people. It was not too fussy and meticulous, but simple and ordinary. At that farewell party, I heard third-time interns’s confidences and sharings about LPSD’s office and members, projects and jobs they did, experiences and skills at LPSD. Furthermore, third-time interns also wanted to inspire us with their enthusiasm and passion. LPSD seemed to be one family which familiar and closed with these people.

          I want to give good luck and success wishes to all third-time interns. We would keep doing the green-living program of third-time interns. Hope to see them come back to LPSD office someday, because LPSD is always one family.

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