The story of our bike hitch-hiking

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The story of our bike hitch-hiking

This story so interesting, yet so simple, so full of love, like the fleeting smell of the dracaena at a corner of the old Hanoi streets.Hue and I had to have a biker, or “xe ôm” picked us up from the highway to go to the community. It was quiet a long way, about 3-4 kilometers, but we forgot to ask for the biker’s phone number to call him again when we went back. It was 9am in the morning, and we were lost in the streets because the village did not have bikers like that. We asked people if we could get a taxi at the least, but the people there were all factory workers, they did not know of taxis or had any contact numbers. Starving and tired, we stopped at a snack store in front of an elementary school to eat something. Luckily, we met a construction worker who was having a beer there. He heard our story and said “Okay, I am not a biker and I am doing construction work right now, but if you let me finish my beer, I will take both of you to your destination for free.” Then, he started chatting and talking about his 3 daughters and how he went to China for work. At that time, he was also lost like us and got help from locals, so he remembered the blessings from that day till now. He wanted to do the same for us.His bike went slowly, but soon it approached the main road. He even waited for the bus with us. We tried to pay him the same amount that we paid the biker, but he refused. We got his phone number and a reminder to call him once we come back to Hai Phong: “You must call me and stop by my house next time!” I am so happy that I met someone as kind and friendly as him. I am glad that we can still meet decent people everywhere!

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