“LPSD Lives Green” program

Đăng lúc: 22/09/2017 12:00

The introduction of “LPSD Lives Green program

          Developed from the initial idea of how to change people’s behaviors toward an environmentally sustainable manner, the Technical team members of LPSD have begun creating and piloting program implementation right in the center, with the participation of all of the staffs. The small but practical program named "LPSD Lives Green" with the goal of changing the habits of LPSD staffs (also called LPSDers) toward a friendly and environmentally sustainable manner. After a 1-month preparing period, the program was introduced to all employees of the Center.

         Lives Green introduction

            LPSD members agree to carry out some green activities at the LPSD's office. Firstly, LPSDers will limit the usage and disposal of plastic bags, disposable plastic ware used in “Solidarity days”, meetings and the Center’s birthdays. Instead, members will use paper bags, biodegradable bags, cloth bags… or reusable products for replacement. Secondly, LPSDers members will edge the Central Office closer to nature by planting more trees in the office, attending DIY sessions organized by Environmental team to use items such as rags, paper roll cores to make pretty decorations. Thirdly, LPSDers will practice energy saving by maintaining the shutdown of equipment when not in use and conducting periodic cleaning once a month to improve the efficiency of electrical appliances.

Paper flower made from paper roll cores

Onion planted to make the office greener

           Each action, although small, brings a lot of meaning. Each individual just need to complete one good action, a day spent at LPSD will become much greener. Through the launch of the Lives Green program, the Environmental team hopes each LPSD member will be an ambassador, a communicator who bring environmentally friendly green living to their own home and places where the members set foot in, to one day at a time make the environment gradually become better.



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