“Solidarity day” experience – Team bonding sessions

Đăng lúc: 26/10/2017 10:12

Solidarity day experience – Team bonding sessions

          Besides organizing job-related events, LPSD maintains multiple extracurricular activities for all of the staff at the Center. One notable example is the very popular and highly anticipated activity - Team bonding sessions, also known endearingly by the name "Solidarity day". The sessions are consistently held on the first Wednesday of every month. On this day, members of the Center will temporarily leave behind their familiar lunch, forget about preparing the lunch box early in the morning or the loneliness of going out for lunch, since everyone will have lunch together at the LPSD office and gather for fun games. With great things team bonding sessions bring, lunch is not considered simply as a meal; it is now also a time for members to interact, share, connect, grow closer and understand each other better. And indeed, team bonding days spent are always meaningful, bring passionate good times, and also leave the most beautiful and lingering memories for the members.

            As scheduled, the August team bonding session took place in the eagerness of the LPSD family members. The "Italian Cuisine"-themed lunch was composed of pizza, salad and, last but not least, spaghetti. Everyone gather around the table, enjoy the food, have intimate chats, bond as brothers and sisters in one family. After lunch was the indispensable entertainment. On that day, we played "Truth or Dare" together to unleash the unexplored secrets of the members about life, the concept of love, friendship and each’s first love. Interesting and funny exchanges, rambunctious laughters, beautiful memories are like threads connecting the members together, allow everybody to get to know one another better, to grow fonder of each other, to further cherish the 8 hours per day time working together.

We hope team bonding sessions will remain the memorable and anticipated monthly special treats of the LPSD family.

Members of LPSD join together for a "Solidarity day" photo.

The logistics department discussing the lunch menu.

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