Brief news: The receipt of Dispatch No.160/KTHT-TDSL on answering The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Centre of Cooperatives and Rural Development Department

Đăng lúc: 11/04/2017 18:07

Brief news: The receipt of Dispatch No.160/KTHT-TDSL from the Cooperatives and Rural Development Department

      On 03/04/2017, The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Centre (LPSD) received Dispatch No.160/KTHT-TDSL from the Cooperatives and Rural Development Department, which is under the purview of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

      In the dispatch, the Department provided information on the progress of working with state agencies in the locality, such as the People`s Committee of Son La Province, the People`s Committee of Mai Son District, the People`s Committee of Quynh Nhai District and the Son La Management Board for Displacement and Resettlement to respond to the  contents of two previous dispatches from LPSD. 



      In terms of the certificate for agricultural land use rights, the Department stated that the People`s Committees of the Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces are working on task following the assignment of the Prime Minister.

      Therefore, the Department suggested that LPSD work with Son La Provincial People`s Committee to be provide more information relating the contents of the dispatches from LPSD

      As the supporter of eleven resettlement households in Cu Pe village, LPSD is extremely pleased with the cooperativeness and helpfulness of MARD and the Cooperatives and Rural Development Department. This shows the deep concern that the authorities have about the life of the Cu Pe villagers in particular and the entire resettlement community in general.

      LPSD will continue to carry out practical activities to best support the people and authorities in stabilizing the lives of the people after resettlement.

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