News: The people of Cu Pe receive farmland

Đăng lúc: 27/02/2017 11:54

News: The people of Cu Pe receive farmland

      In recent times, The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD) has worked with 11 households in the Cu Pe resettlement village, Muong Bon Commune, Mai Son Pistrict, Son La Province to resolve issues such as ensuring a stable life after relocation from the Pa Village, Ca Nang Commune, Quynh Nhai District, Son La Province to facilitate the construction of the Son La hydropower plant.

      At the time of relocation, the people agreed to contribute the land that had been compensated by the government to the Son La Rubber Joint Stock Company, and they became workers of the company. However, part of this land had already been used to grow rubber trees before the people moved to Cu Pe. For almost 10 years, the people have not had land to produce food crops. Moreover, in recent years, the company has not been paying enough salary to the workers, because the production level is decreasing. Income is unstable, and the workers do not have enough money to cover their living expenses. Their lives are becoming increasingly difficult.

The land that the people have received for farming

       To improve and stabilise the the lives of the people, LPSD has been accompanying and supporting the people in making connections with local authorities to find out how to solve the problems that the people are facing. According to the latest information, households have received 86.202 mof land for production.

Cu Pe people visit the new land

       The people are really excited to start farming. Currently, LPSD is continuing to accompany the people and the local authorities to obtain the land rights certificates for the people and resolve remaining issues.

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