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I.                APPLICANTS

  • Age: over 18
  • Education

     No limitation

     Priority: those who study/work in the fields of sustainable development, social work, law, journalist, media, design, etc.

  • Common requirements:

    Having desire to do social work

    Have experienced with community work

    Priority: applicants from 05 provinces (Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Son La, Can Tho) where local communities are facing common problems.

    Be active, positive and enthusiastic

  • Benefits:

- Opportunity to attend domestic/foreign training courses, conferences, workshops with senior experts in the fields of social work, medical care, environment, sustainable development, etc.

- Appicants from prioritise areas will be supported with expenses when attend the program (detail will be discussed during interview)

- Opportunity to lead charity programs, vocational scholarships, traditional culture development, traditional economic development, etc.

- Receiving certificate after completing this program

- Opportunity to conduct programs to support community after completing this program


  • Output objectives:

    Fulfill all the time of program

    Have basic skills to work with commuities

    Understand the values, working principles and goals of LPSD

    For those who are qualified enough will received support expenses after this program

  •  How to apply:

Deadline for receiving applications: 21/02/2019 - 24/03/2019

Expected time for interviewing: 27/03/2019

Application includes and is not limited to the following files:

- Curriculum Vitae

- Motivation letter which expresses your concern to specific common social problem

- Relevant degrees and certificates

- Photos of transcripts on university information pages or scan of university transcripts

- Relevant products about law, media, social or science areas

- High school transcript (if any)

  • How to apply

(1)             Submit applications to email address:

Email title: Name_Application for program “Journey with community

(2)             Submut appications by post or directly to:

Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center

Suite 12A14, Lobby B, 12A Floor, HH2 Bac Ha Building, No. 15 To Huu Street, Ha Noi

Phone: +84 24 3854 9911 (from Monday to Friday)


Fanpage Facebook:

1.               Time:

  • From  01/04/2019 to 07/07/2019 (3 months 2 weeks)

 (02 beginning weeks to get used to the work and conduct field-trips to the locality)

2.               Location:

  • LPSD office in Hanoi
  • Local areas around the country (field-trips)

3.               Contents





Week 1, 2

01/04 – 14/04

Get used to the work

Conduct field-vistits


Field-trip reports, photo, video


Week 3

15/04 – 21/04


Participants will be devided into several teams: legal/media/community development (based on each person’s ability)

Participants understand clearly about their work


Following 10 weeks

22/04 – 30/06

Run the program

Participants do their work based on detail plan for each team.

Organizing events in Hanoi and events in the local villages.

Attending workshops, training courses with experts and other organizations

Outcomes for each week

The last week

01/07 – 07/07

Synthesis and evaluate working results


Participants write working report (skills, experiences, achievements, next steps) and share with each other.

Receive certificate of completion.

-                  Working report

-                  Certificate

-                  Sharing sessions

After the program

Maintain and Follow-up


Follow progress of participants about their plan after completing program (which was written in their working report).

Participants join LPSD Alumni Network.

For those who are qualified enough will continue to receive technical + financial support from LPSD


4.               Work description

  • Community Development Team 

-                  Building plan and organizing events

-                   Communicate with communities and stakeholders

-                  Organizing sharing sessions for communities

-                  Support communities to organize culture exchange program

-                  Making publications to share with communities

-                  Conduct field-trips to work directly with communities


* Requirements:

- Ability to build workplan

- Creative and flexible

- Open mind, patient, open to learn


  • Media Team 

- Managing online channels (Facebook, Website, Youtube, etc.)

- Writing articles on the  website

- Making, designing media products

- Working with journalist, the press


* Requirements:

- Having knowledge and skill in media

- Ability to collect information to write articles

- Ablity to manage media channels


  • Legal Team:

 - Studying case dossiers

- Coordinating specific program

- Reviewing legal framework

- Drafting legal documents

- Building research program

- Suggesting legal solutions


* Requirements:

- Having legal knowledge

- Ability to collect information, reviewing legal regulations

- Ability to coordinate the program

- Honest, enthusiastic, patient, careful, responsible.




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