Son La Rubber Joint-Stock Company: When will they return land to the people?

Đăng lúc: 06/08/2018 07:57


          According to the information received from the community in Son La, on July 26th, 2018, 67 people representing more than 100 households of Cu Pe village and Un village, Muong Bon commune, Mai Son district, Son La province facing a problem relating to contributing land to growing rubber trees with the Son La Rubber Joint-Stock Company (SRJC) collectively sent a letter to Mr. Duy Nhat Vo – the Director of SRJC. The letter addresses the opinion and requests from the people, demanding the information of the course of returning land to people before October 31st, 2018.

          In the letter, the representatives expressed their anger towards the ignorance of SRJC of its pledge to the people when the people signed and contributed their land 10 years ago. The people shared: “We had been advocated to contribute land to grow rubber trees from 2008 with certain promises such as: being a share-holder of the company, each family contributing 1 ha of land will become an employee for the company with a salary exceeding 2 million Vietnamese Dong per month. Taking advantage of the trust that people have in the guidance of the Party and the Government, and the naiveness of the people, the company is under suspicion of advocating for not a voluntary-based contract between the people and the company, but making it a decision from the government, forcing local people to comply. There is evidence that some family were threatened. Furthermore, the reality is, after 10 years, none of the company’s promises were kept, making our lives miserable.’

          According to the people, contributing land to the company did not stablize their financial situation and only did more harm than good because now they have no land to grow crops and no stable income. After gathering information and getting feedback from experts and journalists, local people found that the company were seriously violating the law.

           More specifically, in 2008, there were more than 100 households in Muong Bon commune which signed the pledge to contribute land, in comliance with Resolution 180/2007/NQ-HĐND on December 27th, 2007 about the guidance of the government in developing rubber trees in Son La, and were promised some amount of compensation for switching to rubber trees. However, the company has not given any compensation since them. The local people were not allowed to keep any of the documents relating to their rights and the promises of the company. This is partly due to the people not knowing their rights and the responsibilities of related parties.

           Until now, the people of Muong Bon commune have requested an answer from SJRC but have not received a satisfying one. The people decided to write a letter because of the urgency of the matter. The people clearly stated that if they do not get an answer on this suggestion of returning land before October 31st, 2018, they will proceed on sending request forms to open an investigation on the violations of the company to protect their rightful ownership of the land. 

                                                                                                                          Linh Nguyen

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