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“Communities initiatively participate in resources management”

Topic 2: Citizen and National Assembly Delegators in participating in land management

     In August, 2017, The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development research center (LPSD) held successfully its event “The 5th Community meeting” with the topic: “Community initiatively participate in resources management – The 1st topic: Awareness”. This is the beginning of the event series of LPSD, which aimed at raising public’s awareness about their roles in participating in resources management in general and natural resources in particular. Moreover, it also functions as a tool to promote the initiative of community to preserve and protect precious resources.

     To continue the previous contents as well as enhance public’s awareness about using tools effectively, especially legal tools for resources management, the 6th community meeting named “Citizen and National Assembly Delegators in participating in land management” will be hold in the end of January, 2018. This event is an opportunity for people from all over Vietnam to meet, share and enhance their understanding about using the National Assembly Delegators mechanism in participating in land management and implementing their rights and freedom, which is based on the guidelines and policies of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

     The event “The 6th Community meeting” includes the participation of many people from different locations across the country and many experts, press agencies, media agencies, state agencies and interested organizations and individuals. We hope this event will be a highlight on the way we are working with people, which aims to sustainable development and ensures the harmony of the benefits of the State and community.

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