The Nicotex community yearns for clean water

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The Nicotex community yearns for clean water

    At the fourth community meeting, LPSD had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the people of three communes in Thanh Hoa Province: Cam Van and Cam Tam communes in the Cam Thuy district, and Yen Lam commune in the Yen Dinh district. Representatives shared about the lives of the people in the commune, as well as the issues surrounding the Clean Water Supply project which is being implemented in the locality.

    More than 80 billion VND has been invested in the project to supply clean water for the people in the three communes that are severely affected by the hundreds of tons of pesticides and hazardous waste buried by Nicotex Thanh Thai Joint Stock Company. The project is funded by Thanh Hoa Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Project Management Unit (directly under Thanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) and is expected to be completed in April 2018 for operation by the end of the year.

    However, at present, with one year remaining to the expected completion date, only basic construction work has been done. According to a survey by LPSD, the project has finished leveling, wall and raw construction of pumping stations, technical aids, settling tanks, filter tanks and reservoirs. A slow construction progress will prolong the time the local people have to use unsafe water for living.

Clean water plant construction

    On July 6, 2016, the Cam Van Fatherland Front Committee issued Decision No. 31 - QD / MTCV on the establishment of the Community Investment Supervision Board for the Clean Water Plant Project. Accordingly, the Supervision Board will be responsible for supervising the construction process of the project categories in Cam Van commune in accordance with the law on Community Supervision. However, according to local people, the Community Supervision Board has not fulfilled its responsibilities as the members of the Board are unable to provide details on the progress of the project when questioned by the people. In addition, the residents are not informed about the project implementation from any government agency nor competent authority.

    Currently, speeding up the construction of a clean water supply plant is the most urgent need of the people in the affected areas for assured production and more stable lives. As reflected by the representatives of the three communes, polluted water has resulted in severe health effects for many people living near the factory. They have to suffer from fatal diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The number of deaths from cancer continues to increase even though the Nicotex plant has been shut down for more than three years. Most households in the three communes still have to use wells to access groundwater, along with the installation of water purifiers for daily activities. However, until the water treatment plant is in operation, the quality of water remains of great concern to the residents, as contaminated water will continue to have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the people in the affected areas.

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