Tho Xuan Community, Thanh Hoa Province - Active Community for common interests

Đăng lúc: 11/12/2017 09:27

Tho Xuan Community, Thanh Hoa Province - Active Community for common interests

       Last November, LPSD had a trip to Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province to meet people in Xuan Thien and Quang Phu communes. This is the first time LPSD have had a field trip to the locality, so this meeting was extremely special.

       According to information from people, over the past ten years, people in two have been extremely concerned about the management and use of land and budget in their localities. The process of requesting and proposing has been ongoing since 1994 in order to verify the compliance with legal requirements of stakeholders in managing and using of land and budget but until now the problem has not been resolved thoroughly.

      In the talk with people, LPSD has proposed the people of the two communes to work with Thanh Hoa Legal Aid Center to get the best result. At the same time, people also identified the problems they have been facing, oriented the next options to achieve the goal of protecting the common interests of the community. Accordingly, the meetings of the people are recorded in minutes. Community problems are always discussed in meetings with state agencies - through the active participation of community representatives

     During the conversation, people  affirmed their long and lasting goal was the desire for the stakeholders to comply with the laws and policies of the State. With such spirit and determination, the Tho Xuan community is truly a role model of an active community in solving their own problems.


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