THE 5th COMMUNITY PROGRAM "Community actively participates in resource management"

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"Community actively participates in resource management"

          On August 25, 2017, The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD) held its fifth community meeting program entitled "Community Participation in Resource Management- Theme 1: Awareness ". This is a program in the LPSD series of events with the desire to promote the active participation of people in resource management in particular, and in all areas in general


With a practical and useful theme, the program received the support and cooperation of local people from the LPSD project locations and many invited guests from domestic and international organizations, the media, the press.


Program content was divided into 03 main parts:


Part 1: Sharing and discussing some of the concepts, current status and importance of "Community Participation in Resource Management".


Part 2: Sharing and discussing some tools for community participation in resource management.

Part 3: Activity: People draw local resource maps and assess their level of resource management involvement



        The special feature of this community meeting program was that people and guests interacted in each part of the program, so communities and guests could exchange intimately and each issue had a multi-dimensional approach, expressing a more comprehensive view.

          It can be seen, initially, people are somewhat aware of the status of local resource management, and more importantly, aware of their rights to participate in resource management in general, and natural resources in particular. Starting with the sharing of awareness, LPSD will continue to accompany the people on the next topics of the "Community Participation in Resource Management" program so that people by themselves can take the initiative of yourself involved in resource management.


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