Environmental Pollution Remediation & Irresponsibility of Local Officers

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On 10/1, The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Center held a meeting for communities affected by pollution from the industrial projects.

Representatives from Yen Bai, Son La, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa communities shared their concerns over the pollution as well as the irresponsibility of the local officers.

Communities are displeased

At the moment, the communities are suffering from serious consequences of pollution and having difficulties in earning income due to the illegal waste disposal, coal-fired projects, migration and resettlement. The regulations, policies, responsibilities of the heads of the factory and thermal power plant have not been properly applied.

In Hai Phong, the operations of Hai Phong 1 and 2 Thermal Power Plant in Tam Hung commune, Thuy Nguyen district are the cause of acute air and water pollution as well as nuisance in the area. According to the local people, the noises from Thermal Power Plant are continuous and like those from jet planes, and they are even louder at night; smoke and dirt exhausted from the Plant have terrible smells, making people sleepy and suffer from eye diseases.

According to Mr Ho Luan from Tam Hung commune, Thuy Nguyen district, since the Hai Phong Thermal Power Plant came into operation, there has been an accumulation in complaints but they remain unsolved. People living around the power plant have to speak louder than usual because of the noises. 

The issue of whether the quality of environment is good enough for the people requires scientific research. From observations, the people can see the air and water becoming polluted. The people still lack legal knowledge and information to examine the details of the project or to know whether the authority is abusing its power.

In Son La, villagers from Cu Pe, Mai Son Commune are having trouble making a living due to the lack of jobs and land. The land that they received as resettlement compensation now belongs to the Son La Rubber Joint Stock Company (JSC) and they have no land of their own. Since 2014, people have not made any earning from rubber production.

According the Cu Pe village head, Mr Lo Van Dai, besides paying the insurance from the Son La Rubber JSC, the people had to pay 200.000 VND/month to the company. However, they only work 4 to 5 days per month and the wage per day is 30.000-50.000 VND. As such, the workers have made a loss.

The Nicotex Thanh Thai JSC in Thanh Hoa Province has buried thousand tons of expired pesticides under its working site in Cam Van Commune, Cam Thuy District for over 10 years, which has been resulting in terrible consequences for over 20,000 people living around the factory. 

According to the public news from Thanh Hoa People`s Committee and the local people, only the inside of the factory has been remediated. The present remediation is not enough for the level of damage caused by the company`s violation. In fact, many people who live in the area near the factory`s location are suffering from fatal diseases.

Mr. Le Dinh Son from Cam Van Commune (about 1 km away the factory) said that the complaints that the people had sent were not investigated by the authorities and that there has been no response.

In the affected areas, Mr. Cap Van Quan from Yen Lam Commune, Yen Dinh District also said that the pesticide residues have been seeping into the land for a long time, which ultimately result in the people contracting fatal diseases. A local water treatment plant is being built, but the people still do not have enough water for their daily use currently.

Moreover, one of the most recent urgent matters are the deaths of Mrs. Pham Thu Hien and her child, which happened during childbirth at the Yen Bai Obstetric and Pediatrics Hospital on 7/11/2016. Mr. Pham Chi Manh (from Dai Minh Commune, Yen Binh District, Yen Bai Province), the nephew of deceased pregnant woman, was dissatisfied about the irresponsibility of the nurses and doctors as they treated and transferred the patient improperly. According to Mr. Manh, firstly, it took 50 minutes to bring the oxygen bottle to the patient, and as the doctor had to sign on the transfer permit, there was an unnecessary delay. In conclusion, it took more than 2 hours to transfer a patient in such an emergency situation, and the Vice Head of Hospital refused to accompany the patient during the patient transfer.

Standing side by side with the people

The Director of LPSD, Mr. Dang Dinh Bach told us that community meeting is a huge leap in proving the people with legal aid, helping them to be more active in seeking assistance when their rights are violated and their benefits are withheld.

According to Mr. Bach, there is no doubt that community is the core of the success and their stories are the truths that we try to publicise; LPSD holds meetings to learn of the feelings and desires of the people, so that the center can build plans for collecting, sharing information and knowledge about compensation, administration litigation, and create connections between communities for learning and cooperation.

The people are waiting for responsible offices to solve the issues. Specifically, people around the area of Hai Phong Thermoelectricity Plant 1 and 2 asked to move a kindergarten to an unaffected area. The Nicotex Thanh Thai Joint Stock Company has been asked to provide compensation for the environmental damages caused.

In Son La, at the end of 10/2016, LPSD and the people of Cu Pe village had a talk with the head of Mai Son District authorities. LPSD listened to both sides for suggestions on the problems. In the near future, the head officers of the provincial Military Command will visit the land, and if both sides agree, the land allocation procedure will be implemented.

According to Mr. Lai Ho Luan, Tam Hung commune, Thuy Nguyen district, thanks to the consultancy and connection of LPSD, at the end of 2016, the Director of the thermal power plant had a meeting with and committed to listening and solving the problems with the people.

In the future, LPSD will help people in administration litigation against the Thanh Hoa People`s Committee, asking for compensation from Nicotex Thanh Thai company for polluting the environment, and suing Nicotex Thanh Thai for causing damage to environment as well as severely affecting the living conditions of the people.

source : baotintuc.vn

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