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Meeting with ERI - May 2017

By: Carol Yuen


From 22 to 25 May 2017, LPSD held meetings with EarthRights International (ERI) staff at our office. In this meeting, we enthusiastically shared about each other’s activities.

LPSD shared our experiences in working with stakeholders, including the communities, state agencies, private sectors, etc. In order for ERI to understand how LPSD works, we showed our tool kit, our case model, our methodologies. LPSD also explained about the relationship between these stakeholders so that ERI could understand more about Vietnam context. ERI representatives seemed to be excited and we hope they found those information helpful.

On the other hand, ERI provided us some of their learning points from working with the communities in other countries. During the meeting, one of the most memmorable and interesting lessons we learnt from each other was the “fish analogy” for community organization (as described in the picture below). Members of the community are like small fishes at first and a big fish may eat them. But if they organize, they can become even more powerful than the big fish.






In addition, we also discussed possible opportunities for collaboration and exchange program to learn from one another about community organisation, the resettlement process, receiving stakeholder support, among other things.

We hope that this meeting is the first step toward more collaborations, and will translate the learning points into action.


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