Nicotex Thanh Thai pollution case should be handled strictly

Đăng lúc: 28/11/2014 11:38

On 28th November 2014, a meeting about the Thanh Hoa Provincial Police Report took place between The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Reasearch Center (LPSD) and community leaders of 3 Communes: Cam Van, Cam Tam (Cam Thuy District) and Yen Lam (Yen Dinh Dictrict) Thanh Hoa Provic which have been affected by Nicotex Thanh Thai company (Nicotex) violations.

Nicotex had buried a huge amount of untreated chemicals and expire pesticides underground as part of the production process for over 10 years. As a result, the environment has been heavily polluted, and air, land and water resources are affected.

The local people discussing about the Report of Thanh Hoa Provincial Police with LPSD

Public interest lawyers from LPSD analysed the Report which was sent to Mr. Son on the 29 of October 2014. On 10th November, 2014, LPSD sent a dispatch to ask to discuss this report directly with the leader of the Thanh Hoa Police Investigation Office about this report. On 14th November 2014 LPSD went for the meeting but it did not happen.

On 18/11/2014, LPSD decided to send an analysis of the document and complaint to cancel the Report to Mr. Nguyen Huu Du. Furthermore, on 22th November 2014, LPSD had a private meeting to present their complaints for this case to 8 senior goverment officers, and 17 other government bodies.

After the LPSD staff presented, Mr. Cap Van Quan (Yen Lam commune, Yen Dinh District) emphasized: “Besides the litigation surrounding Notification No271/CP46, LPSD should consider asking for compensation." He complained that the Department of Natural Resources and Environment promised to draw an pollution area map but it has not been published yet.

"It seems that this case is being gradually forgotten”, Mr. Quan also said. He suggested that relevant government bodies should send their officers to the Nicotex site to have a look at the tanks of expired pesticide and piles of untreated chemicals which need to be treated imediately. These bodies would then have a more objective environmental handling and assessment of this case.

Mr. Bui Van Hoa (Cam Tam commune, Cam Thuy District) lamented: “Our affected community needs the help from LPSD to call for effective environmental treatment processes and government agencies to continue to handle and improve the environment appropriately. A large amount of pesticides are still left in the Nicotex company warehouse. Furthermore, the community wants to know whether the steps of handling process is proper or not. What is the next step? We need an independent monitoring agency who can examine and check the environmental handling processes of Nicotex Company."

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