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The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD) was established in 2007. With the purpose of promoting sustainable development in Vietnam, ensuring the equality, transparency and implementation of rights and duties between stakeholders in the social, economic and environmental fields, we commit not to serve any political purpose, to be a non-profit organization and to regard the community as our highest priority.   


LPSD is a core member of the Mekong Legal Network (MLN), an initiative coalition of public interest lawyers supported by Earth Rights International (ERI) that is ensuring sustainable development and the legal rights of people in the Mekong Region. LPSD is the coordinator of the MLN in 2017. Moreover, sharing the same interests in environmental fields including the energy sector, LPSD has played an active role in Save the Mekong Coalition (StM), Vietnam Environmental Network (VEN), Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA), Vietnam Non Communicable Diseases Prevention Alliance (NCDs-VN) and other networks to collaborate effectively and thoroughly.


Our Purpose

With a view to becoming a companion to the community, LPSD is committed to:

1. Focusing on the sustainable changes with regard to activities which may potentially harm humanity and the environment.

2. Being a pioneer in developing the information bank as well as research for the legitimate rights and interests of the people in case they are violated by the activities of industrialization and modernization. 


Our core values

1. Ensure the use of tools and models derived from case studies.

2. Protect the common interests of the community.

3. Use legal solutions.  


Our activities

1. Doing research on laws and policies of environmental science, social aspects and so on.

2. Sharing knowledge with communities, youths and other organizations.

3. Resolving cases.


Principles of operation

  1. Comply with laws: To work within the Vietnamese context, we commit to use the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the guidelines and policies of the Vietnamese Communist Party to promote and ensure the sustainable development in Vietnam as globalization occurs. 
  2. Inform relevant stakeholders:We ensure that all information relating to the case is disclosed to all parties including government agencies, communities, enterprises and other stakeholders.
  3. Work closely with the affected communities: We will place the community at the centre of our work, and respect the wishes of the community for the public interest. We will carry out research and empower communities.
  4. Reach a consensus with the community: LPSD will sign an assistance agreement with the community and will come to a consensus on the plan of action with the community.
  5. Use a round-table mechanism: LPSD will ensure proper coordination and information exchange with state agencies, the communities, enterprises and other stakeholders to solve the problem comprehensively and transparently.
  6. Always accompany the community: We commit to accompany the community to the very end to resolve problems thoroughly.     
  7. All of LPSD’s activities are based on the expectations and decisions of the community, without LPSD’s suggestion and/or incitation.
  8. Nondiscrimination between stakeholders.

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