Nicotex: story of life

Mrs. Le Thi Thuy, who lives in Cam Van commune, Cam Thuy District, said: “The Nicotex Thanh Thai factory has been operating since 1998. After being in operation for three years, people living in the area began to smell the stench from around the factory”. Currently, the factory has suspended for three years. However, whenever there is rainfall, the area around the factory stinks badly, affecting the lives of the people. Even on days when the weather changes, the local people have to take all children out of the village to avoid the pollution affecting their health.

Sad Stories from People Suffered from Illegally Burying Pesticides

On 15th December 2016, the Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Centre (LPSD) held its monthly community meeting. The participants of the meeting were members of the Thanh Hoa Community who have been affected by Nicotex Thanh Thai JSC.’s activity of illegally burying pesticides. Besides the familiar faces, the new participants of the meeting included people from Muong ethnic minority in Yen Lam Commune, Yen Dinh District, Thanh Hoa province. They all shared stories of their pains from losing family members and relatives due to the effects of buried pesticides.  


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