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Before saying goodbye to the small, lovely house filled with love and laughter, LPSD’s intern “photographer” captured this picture depicting the love between a married couple who has been side by side for half of their lives. Although they have been together for a long time, the fire of their love always burned passionately like when they were young. When the photographer raised her camera, the husband pulled his woman’s chair closer, and the wife shyly tapped on the man’s shoulder then smiled. If the husband has a friendly vibe of a farmer, the wife possesses a delicate, kind beauty, typical of Eastern Asia’s women.

When we took a photo under the roof to commemorate our meeting, the husband stood up and held his wife’s hand, fingers interlocked, showing off their sweet affections. Only through stolen looks and the love that sparkled in their eyes, the couple convinced me that their love was the truest and filled with the small happiness. Only through thick and thin can a couple still hold hands and be so affectionate in their old age like this, making everyone so envious of their love.

Now I sympathize fully with how people compare young couples’ love these days to love in the old days. Every field trip is an experience to learn about life: To see the simple truth that one only needs to give genuinely to make love timeless. To see that life is still filled with beautiful wonders for us to discover.

So youngsters, how are you expressing your love to your family?

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